Inside Out Package

Inside Out Package – Approximately 2 hours work from £40 (prices vary on size of car and distance travelled)

  • All wheels cleaned with a PH neutral wheel cleaner to remove baked on break dust
  • All external surfaces treated with a gentle citrus based degreaser to soften all dirt
  • Power rinsed
  • Pre-wash snowfoam bath with our signature Magifoam pre-wash foam and applied with a foaming lance
  • Power rinsed
  • 2 Bucket safe surface wash with “Scythe” lambswool mitt using PH natural shampoo
  • Power rinsed
  • Hand dried using a deep pile microfibre drying towel for a scracthless dry finish
  • Tyres cleaned, protected and dressed
  • Interior surfaces cleaned with detailing brush to remove all lose dust
  • Dashboard and door cards and internal surfaces cleaned and dressed
  • Interior vacuumed (boot not included but can be added)
  • Internal glass surfaces cleaned
  • Blast of fragrance